6 lessons from Nickelback on making it in music even if you don’t like them.

From Hypebot:

The only reason I’ve heard of Nickelback is that they have somehow become a running joke on the web. Even hardcore Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel, brother of Ari Emanuel, was compelled to claim not to be a fan in response to a protestor’s sign claiming otherwise. But polarizing music fans is but one of the many lessons that any musician can learn from one of Canada’s most well-known musical exports.

6 Lessons from Nickelback on Making It In Music

1) Be Totally Yourself

Manager Bryan Coleman states, “They have realized they are polarizing; usually polarizing equals success. They are not going to change what they do.”

2) Keep Your Sense of Humor

Paynter writes, “[Lead singer Chad] Kroeger has even collaborated with a mock heavy metal band to make fun of his own lyrics, performing a song called It Won’t Suck Itself. ”

3) Work With People Who Dig What You Do

Given the choice of Universal, Warner and Roadrunner Records, Nickelback went with Roadrunner because, as guitarist Ryan Peake put it, “They wanted it more than anyone else, and that was a good feeling…[Other places] felt like a sausage maker.”

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