Today’s tip: Don’t bring a grenade to the airport. “Oops.” – Wayne Coyne

Flaming Lips frontman Wayne Coyne accidentally shut down Oklahoma City on Monday because he had a grenade in his luggage. “It was an actual grenade that was now missing its explosive parts and painted gold. I just threw this gold grenade in my bag and had not quite thought about it,” explained the singer, who picked up the souvenir at a party the night before. Unfortunately airport security were less than impressed. “The bomb squad guy came out, and once he comes out, there’s two weeks of paperwork that has to be filled out,” said. Coyne. “Everybody could immediately tell what it was. But it’s too late – the merry-go-round had to go its whole way around before you could get off.” The singer apologised for delaying other travellers (“I would agree that it was stupid of me”) but added he’d done nothing illegal so wasn’t totally to blame.

Via Q Magazine