‘I sneak boys in at 3am and disrespect my parents’: Girl, 15, forced to stand by side of the road with humiliating sign

From The Daily Mail:

A teenage girl has been forced to stand by the side of a busy road holding a sign accusing her of ‘disrespect’ towards her family.

15-year-old Jasmine has had a number of behavioural issues, and the last straw for her parents came when she let a boy into her house in the middle of the night.
So they made her stand out near their home in Palm Coast, Florida, advertising her misdeeds for passers-by to see.

The sign held by Jasmine, whose surname has not been released, read: ‘I sneak boys in at 3am and disrespect my parents and grandparents.’

Punishment: 15-year-old Jasmine, centre, has been forced to pose with a humiliating sign by her parents

Her mother Melinda and stepfather Mike say the teenager has been acting out ever since she started at high school this fall, according to WESH.

They accuse her of drinking, lying and sneaking out of the house, before the forbidden liaison which led to Jasmine’s unusual punishment on Wednesday.

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