Medium: Why You Should Watch Two Twitter Co-Founders’ New Idea

From ReadWrite:

Keep an eye on Medium. I know it’s one of those mysterious invite-only things, but the posts are open for everyone with a Twitter account to read, and you should really take a look. It’s very easy to find great stuff on Medium on a wide variety of topics, and here’s why: It’s set up to get people interested in participating and collaborating with each other. It feels like a winning formula to me.

I think Medium has the right combination of social mechanics and great tech to pull off something other blog-like services have not yet done successfully. It’s a new medium, if you will, for getting people to contribute posts and ideas that are explicitly about something. That makes it a more interesting place to read as well as to write.

Medium just hired publishing veteran Kate Lee for the sole purpose of getting great stuff onto the site. That’s a strong indication that quality writing matters to this company.

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