Rare artist interviews now streaming at Library of Congress site

Veteran record executive Joe Smith with discs containing hundreds of hours of interviews he conducted in the 1980s and has donated to the Library of Congress. (Jay L. Clendenin / Los Angeles times)

From The Los Angeles Times:

Want to hear Mick Jagger talk about the Beatles? Tony Bennett laud the genius of Louis Armstrong? B.B. King express his blues over the future of the blues?

Audio interviews with those and dozens more of the biggest names in rock, pop, jazz, blues, country and R&B are now streaming free at the Library of Congress website, opening access to hundreds of hours of recordings collected by veteran music industry executive Joe Smith.

As reported in June, Smith donated his collection of audio interviews with many of the most celebrated figures in 20th century pop music. Now the Library of Congress has digitized them and is streaming them to the public.

Smith sat down one-on-one with musicians in the 1980s to get their anecdotes about their lives in music for his 1988 book, “Off the Record.” But he was able to use only a fraction of their conversations in that volume.

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