Amanda Palmer to Play Prince’s Purple Rain in Full on NYE. A concert. Not, play the album.

Wrapping up a year of excitement and year round international touring in support of her self-released album, Theatre Is Evil, Amanda Palmer & and her killer band The Grand Theft Orchestra will play a very special New Year’s show at Terminal 5. Openers Jherek Bischoff, The Simple Pleasure + a super secret guest will perform before Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra hit the stage for a set of original songs leading into a performance of Prince’s classic album Purple Rain from beginning to end. Always one to bring an exciting and colorful party to any stage, there will be surprises at every turn. The band performed The Rocky Horror Picture Show classic track “Time Warp” joined by the famed creator of the cult classic Richard O’Brien on their recent tour. Watch the energized live video of the performance below.

Explaining why they chose to perform Purple Rain this New Year’s, Palmer shares, “The members of the Grand Theft Orchestra (me, Chad, Michael and Jherek) all come from very different musical backgrounds and have wildly different tastes, but there is ONE THING on our venn diagram that overlaps in the “perfect album” department, and that’s PURPLE RAIN. We all grew up worshipping this record. Everybody already knows the songs cold (Jherek used to actually be IN A PRINCE COVER BAND) and we’re all going to take turns singing and swapping instruments. The band will, of course, be dressed in our finest Prince-esque finery, covering all aspects of Prince, his facial hair, and his various eras of nudity. We’re also encouraging the entire audience to “come as your favorite era of prince”. I want to run around counting people in ASSLESS CHAPS, and maybe give them door prizes for bravery. New Years Eve is cold.”