Jack White – Amex UNSTAGED (Full Live)

Great live performance by musician Jack White presenting his new album “Blunderbuss”.
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01 Dead Leaves And The Dirty Ground
02 Missing Pieces
03 Freedom at 21
04 Love Love Interruption
05 Hotel Yorba
06 Two Against One
07 Top Yourself
08 I’m Slowly Turning Into You
09 Blue Blood Blues
10 Take Me With You when You Go
11 Sixteen Saltines
12 Cut Like A Buffalo
13 Weep Themselves To Sleep
14 Trash Tongue Talker
15 You Know That I Know
16 We’re Going To Be Friends
17 Hypocritical Kiss
18 Hello Operator
19 Carolina Drama
20 Seven Nation Army
21 I Guess I Should Go To Sleep