Police ignore drug pushers in troubled neighbourhood to swoop on senior for playing Perry Como too loud

From The Daily Mail:

In a neighbourhood plagued by open drug dealing and general yobbery, the police had a wealth of potential targets.

They could have started by rounding up the pushers said to use ten-year-olds as drug couriers.

They might have raided the homes of the violent families said to impose a reign of terror on the area.

As it was, they decided to swoop on a 71-year-old woman who was playing her Perry Como records too loud.

Astonishingly, the people who had complained about the music were reportedly among the thugs who rule the street – and who make the woman’s life a misery.

Chairman of the Bradstone Association David Taylor, a retired TV journalist, told in the damning report of ‘abuse and dysfunction’, with a ‘reign of fear by three households, open drug dealing and abuse’, and ‘ten-year-olds used as drug couriers’, with ‘blatant drug-dealing so common it goes unremarked except by visitors’.

He also complained about ‘ineffective policing’, saying: ‘The constant cry is “Where are the police?”. Foot patrols have gone, Police Community Support Officer visits have drastically reduced, and we have lost our local bobby.’

Yet the police did leap into action, wrote Mr Taylor, when an elderly woman put her Perry Como records on.

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