Catching up with Biz Stone, a founder of Twitter

Biz Stone is a founder of Twitter who currently serves as the company’s creative director. He also helped start Xanga, Blogger, Odeo and, most recently, Obvious, which creates software and Web platforms to facilitate online collaboration.

FOLLOWING It’s funny. I started following so many people on Twitter that I started not following anybody. There’s some line you cross when you can’t keep up anymore. I check e-mails and texts but I’ve decided not to have voice mail on my phone. I’m not really a Facebook user, but I find I will check on a few people I know on Instagram — mostly family and close friends or former colleagues who take really good pictures. It’s a small and manageable group.

LISTENING I’m listening carefully to my son’s baby talk for any signs of “Dad.” In terms of music, I’m listening to a lot of Muddy Waters and Elmore James. I like those old blues songs. They’re so authentic and they’re funny because it’s always the same thing — my woman cheated on me. I guess today’s version of the blues would be my woman’s done posted embarrassing photos of me, or she done tagged me.