The Importance Of Album Track Order In The Digital Age

From Billboard:

The sequencing of tracks on an album may have long been subject to artists’ creative muses, but, according to A&R and streaming services decision-makers, the order in which songs appear on a set can have far-reaching effects on an acts’, and labels’, bottom lines, especially in an era of digital music consumption.

A set’s sequence likely isn’t the sole driver of how fans consume albums. Just because the title track is the lead cut on “Babel” doesn’t necessarily mean that that’s the only reason that it debuted so high on On-Demand Songs, according to Glassnote founder/president Daniel Glass. “‘Babel’ was the one song that fans had never heard Mumford & Sons play live before. Their other new songs were played in some shape or form over their past two years of touring. That’s my theory as to why it did so well. It truly was a brand new song.”

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