Matt Riley: How labels should handle the ‘new’ Facebook

From Midem’s blog:

Has your Facebook posts’ reach dropped of late? Here’s how to deal with it, by Hospital Records’ head of sync & marketing.

Facebook has changed recently, so that it’s harder than ever before to actually reach the fans who “like” you. So should you be spending all of your social networking energy on Facebook anymore?

What changed?
Across our artist and label pages we are seeing less reach (on average maybe only 5%-15% of your “like” fan-base seeing your posts) but perhaps more engagement than before. Despite more engagement though, the viral aspect off the back of this, sadly, seems to be a bit crap. 100 people might like something, but only 90 people saw it virally. The way the algorithm is set up, getting those likes doesn’t seem to translate into viral success at the moment.

Forgetting the viral element, even just reaching the the mega-engaged fan has become harder. “Like” doesn’t mean they will definitely see your stuff. The only way to really make sure you reach your fans now is to pay.

Put your money where your status update is?
My top tip is don’t click the “promote this post” button. Instead, make your post and then promote it via the Power Editor via “Ads Manager” on the left hand side (Facebook explains how, here). This is a far more powerful tool for creating an ad, and it will help you reach exactly who you want to reach, there is a user guide within it if you haven’t used it before. To get what you used to be able to do for free, you now have to pay. But that’s just how it is.

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