Q and A: Spotify CEO talks Metallica and music discovery

From USA Today:

At a press event in New York, Daniel Ek, the founder and CEO Spotify, unveiled tools to help users of the popular global music streaming service discover new music. And he announced a coup for the service: Spotify struck a deal with longtime online music holdout Metallica to make all of the band’s music available for streaming. Following the event, Ek sat down with USA TODAY Personal Tech columnist Edward C. Baig to discuss the news. What follows has been edited for space and clarity:

How long has the Metallica deal in the works?

I started hanging out with Lars (Metallic founder Ulrich) a few months ago and we started talking about it. It really grew as me, Sean (Napster co founder Parker) and Lars just started spending time together and enjoying each other’s company. It was pretty clear that..we had a like-minded view.

How do you go beyond just a list of `if you like this, you’ll like that?

One of the things is social. You’re seeing this because Bruno Mars wanted you to see this, and you’re following him. The other one is we don’t just look at what you listen to, we actually know a lot about you already because a lot of our users sign up through Facebook.

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