What Judd Apatow’s kid can teach us about the Twitter generation

From PandoDaily:

Judd Apatow was on “Fresh Air with Terry Gross,” and Apatow shared an interesting story about his 15-year-old daughter Maude’s use of Twitter.

What Apatow observed about her life on Twitter was remarkable. She grew up a lot. She found her voice. She matured. As he put it:

Very quickly she learned how to be polite. She learned how to express herself in a way that was not cruel and judgmental of other people. … [I]t’s more about her and about our life, and people really respond to it in a big way. What’s interesting now is we’re all nervous about the kids being on the Internet. They see everything, so this idea that you’re going to prevent kids from seeing things — yeah, good luck with that. All you can do is raise a kid who will talk to you if they see something weird.

He went on to talk about how her life growing up on social media had also made her considerably more resilient when it comes to professional criticism and haters. Apatow’s daughters are in his films, and he says when he sees one critical comment or review he’s crushed. This, from the adult man who’s been wildly, wildly successful. Meanwhile, Maude can look at 100 comments, and if 80 are positive, she’s thrilled. She shrugs of haters as an inevitable part of her everyday life in a way that people of our generation do not. He’s been stunned — and a little envious — watching it.

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