Buzzwords That Drive Brands Nuts: Engaging,” “premium” and “inspire,” and more

From Digiday:

Digiday once considered banning buzzwords from all quotes. Then we realized we’d have very few quotes.

The industry is awash in terms that might have meant something at one point but since then have lost all meaning as they slid into jargon land. We’ve all heard them before. “Engaging,” “premium” and “inspire,” for example, are just three overused buzzwords.

Brands are top offenders. But they’re also forced to wade through buzzwords thrown around by agencies, publishers and vendors. Digiday reached out to several brand executives and asked which industry buzzwords make them sick.

George Haynes, social and digital media manager, Kia Motors
“Let’s think out of the box.” A lot of times this exercise ends up being more critical thinking and not much lateral thinking to generate anything remotely new. Instead of using this term, how about one simple word to replace it. Let’s create a “viral” video is another. “Viral” is an outcome. And “seamless,” because most times it’s not.

Kasey Skala, digital communication manager, Great Clips
The term that’s been getting thrown around lately that bugs me is “social business.” All too often, we attach “social” to something, and we preach that it’s this new concept and thinking that businesses need to grasp. You need to be a social business. No, you need to be a smart business and adapt to the changing landscape. In order to sustain growth and remain relevant, you adapt and evolve to meet the needs of your stakeholders — both internally and externally. This isn’t a new concept that requires a fancy buzzword — it’s the basic principles of Business 101.

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