Legendary rehearsal space in Seattle to be razed

From Seattle Times:

In Lower Queen Anne, on one of those side streets of dull, low-slung offices and ’50s-era apartment buildings, there’s a battered purple door with a tantalizing message.

“Private Members Only,” it reads.

The country-club sound of that must have irritated somebody. Because taped under it is a hand-lettered correction: “Rock stars only!!”

It’s true, through the purple door have passed a few genuine rock stars. But the impromptu sign is at least a thousand times more fantasy than reality, laughs the “club” owner, Bill Whelan.

“We’ve probably had a thousand bands, representing four or five thousand musicians,” Whelan says. “The beauty of it is that most of them you’ve never heard of.”

“As soon as Kurt Cobain came along, the big hair disappeared and even the men were coming in wearing dresses and Doc Martens,” he laughs. “He turned the whole scene of big rock on its head, overnight.”

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