Smashing Pumpkins refuse to wallow in the past

From The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:

There was hot demand for Billy Corgan to roll with the current trend and go out on the road playing “Siamese Dream,” “Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness” or one of the albums that made Smashing Pumpkins a premier band in the ’90s grunge era.

The poetic frontman who leads a new version of the Pumpkins had no interest in doing that.

“I kept saying, no, not only are we not going to do it, I’m morally opposed to the idea because it’s become this new business model, which I think overall is really bad for the touring business,” he says. “Once you create that culture, you can’t go back from it. It’s a greatest hits culture. Once that’s all it becomes, then it’s really difficult to play new music.”

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