10 Reasons to Be Excited for New MySpace

From Perfect Porridge:

After only a few days experimenting with the new social network, my translation is as follows: New MySpace is like Spotify and Facebook combined. Kind of like MySpace. And it’s not Facebook who needs to be worried — it’s Spotify and Pandora.

10 Reasons to Be Excited for New MySpace

Music first. This platform has a streaming player built into its core.

Database of free streaming music. I haven’t read what kinds of label deals JT struck, but I had no problem searching for old Meat Puppets, new Phish and obscure compilation albums (Colonel Jeffrey Pumpernickel!). You can search by artist, album, track and genre. I don’t care about Top 40 at all, but I assume that’s where they started. We’ll see.

The mixtape will never die. New MySpace has an “Add to Mix” next to each track and album. From there, you populate the tracks into a custom-named mix with chance to upload your own photo. The also have a Radio section that functions similarly to Pandora and Spotify. Smart music discovery, ftw.

Audio + Visual. I searched for “Smells Like Teen Spirit” and next thing you know Kurt and the cheerleaders have taken over the background of the window as the classic video is playing. You can tag videos into your mixes, truly making MySpace a multimedia destination for bands.

Permalinks. Just like Spotify, you can snag and share direct links to songs, artists, albums and your custom mixes. This is key for sharing MySpace to socnets outside MySpace (and for music bloggers!).

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