Sting, Neil Tennant, Bryan Ferry and Mark Knopfler protest arts cuts

From The Guardian:

A host of artists connected to north-east England – including musicians Sting, Neil Tennant, Bryan Ferry, Mark Knopfler and Thomas Allen, writers such as Pat Barker and Tony Harrison, and actors including Robson Green and Kevin Whately – have written to the Guardian expressing “alarm” at what they call Newcastle city council’s “shortsighted attack” on the city’s cultural life.

The artists are protesting against the local authority’s plan to cut completely its £2.5m culture budget. The council, argue the artists, risk “throwing away a shared cultural heritage … built up by generations and generations of ordinary people in the city.” Its decision, they say, is “baffling”.

Arguing that the cuts would be “economically disastrous”, they write: “The council’s support helps these arts organisations attract many millions of pounds in yearly investment to the city.”

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