YouTube turns to its biggest stars for awesome, self-referential 2012 mashup

Psy’s horse-dancing smash hit serves as the thread that runs throughout, anchoring the more obscure references. Those include a cavalcade of niche YouTube sensations, appropriating broader cultural themes in the manner symbolic of the medium. Comedians KassemG and DailyGrace, respectively, spoof Olympian Ryan Lochte and Hunger Games character Katniss Everdeen. Mark and Anastasia Douglas of BarelyPolitical make cameos as pop duo Karmin. Annoying Orange plays Felix Baumgartner of the Red Bull Stratos jump, and so on and so forth. Also appearing: Mars Curiosity, AlphaCat, Freddie Wong and Rhett & Link’s “Dope Zebra.”

For good measure, you can scroll your mouse over the screen during playback to find hidden links to another 21 Easter egg videos—especially, for example, if you want to watch over and over again Psy wrecking the guitar of band Walk Off the Earth, stopping them from doing to his hit what they did, with such great success, to Gotye’s.

Via AdWeek