Video: Crazy Christmas light show returns to Jersey Shore neighborhood


Dan Brateris – an engineer with a part-time DJ company – rarely took DJ jobs during the Christmas season, so he could spend more time with his loved ones during the holidays.

So seven years ago, the Lake Como resident, along with some family and friends, decided to put the pile of unused DJ gear to good use by putting on a Christmas light show on a house in a typically quiet Wall Township neighborhood.

Set to a medley of songs by Trans-Siberian Orchestra, the show features synchronized lighting, strobe lights, lasers, fog machines and 20-foot-high flames.

“This is kind of a different show than others. It’s more than just Christmas lights, it’s more like going to a rock show,” Brateris said. “We don’t want to get wacky. We just try to make the effects a little bigger and better every year, without having too much overkill or making it overly confusing.”