Watch graduation ceremony prank pulled by Grand Valley State University student


Kelsie Elise Frick wasn’t about to celebrate her graduation from Grand Valley State University without having a little fun first.

Just before Frick, 23, handed over a card for an announcer to read with her name spelled phonetically, she grabbed a pencil and made a slight correction, and changed her name to read “Kelsie Elise Frick-en-awesome.”

It worked. Perfectly.

On a video posted on YouTube, an announcer can be heard reading her name, after which the crowd bursts into applause and laughter.

Frick then thrusts an arm into the air and walks across the stage to shake hands with President Thomas Haas, who then turns toward the camera and smiles.

“It worked!” Frick wrote on her Facebook page. “Go out with a bang, I say.”

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