The long and storied history of the white van speaker scam

From Digital Trends:

You walk out of home depot with a new faucet for that bathroom project you’ve been putting off, and as you head to your car, two guys in a windowless van roll up to you. At this point, your instincts should tell you that nothing good could come from the situation. But then the extremely friendly guy behind the wheel tells you its your lucky day and that he’s about to hook you up with a sweet deal. Suddenly, you can’t help but look.

If you’ve been suckered by this scam, we feel for you. But the fact is: With today’s technology being what it is, you no longer have any excuse for being had. You have a lengthy Wikipedia entry on the subject, dozens of caught-in-the-act videos on Youtube and a general cavalcade of consumers on forums, blogs, and watchdog sites, all ready to warn you about the infamous white van speaker scam.
Yet, right now, as you read this, someone, somewhere, is falling victim to it.

The white van speaker scam is a global phenomenon. According to Scam Shield it is currently active in 24 cities, 4 countries, and 3 continents. It subsists because of the avarice of those who conceived of it, the cunning of those who sell it, and most of all, the ignorance of those who are ensnared by it.

Don’t mistake our meaning; we’re not blaming the consumer. It’s easy to be ignorant of such scams. But the most important weapon you have in this case is information. So pay close attention, lest you be roped in by the smarminess that is the white van speaker scam.

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