Video: Orchestra Of Desktop Monitors

desktop orchestra from northamerican on Vimeo.

‘she was captain dark down weird’, a two minute, energetic chiptune anthem by Montreal artist Battle Lava sets the sound for an illuminated lab of thirty 24″ iMacs. With a mere game boy, battle lava creates novel sounds with the analog waves of yesteryear. The visuals, composed in a single flash document are split for each screen and assigned when desktop orchestra is launched. Each display is controlled by a flash applet served by php and can be started and stopped on demand.

Desktop Orchestra is a personal project made over the course of a year, involving composing a synchronized animation of lights for 30 displays, programming in multiple unfamiliar languages, setting up a server, months of trial and error and recording/editing a video. Every aspect of this project involves computers and an intimate relationship with their glowing fluorescents and fiery colours. May their waves radiate strong.