CBC Radio 3’s Top 103 tracks of 2012

This chart represents what Radio 3 considers to be the best music of the year, combining the opinions of their music committee with performance on our weekly chart, the R3-30.

The R3-103:

103 The Zolas “Knot In My Heart”
102 Shred Kelly “The Bear”
101 Royal Canoe “Hold On To the Metal”
100 Rae Spoon “Crash Landing”
99 Mo Kenny “déjà vu”
98 Mac De Marco “Baby’s Wearing Blue Jeans”
97 Tusks “New to Old Money”
96 Lindi Ortega “Don’t Wanna Hear It”
95 Wool On Wolves “Inside the Light”
94 Long Distance Runners “Election Day”
93 Shad “Out Here”
92 Teenage Kicks “Middle Of the Night”
91 Ariane Moffatt “Mon Corps”
90 Memoryhouse “The Kids Were Wrong”
89 Le Trouble “Help You Out”
88 Chains Of Love “He’s Leaving (With Me)”
87 Kestrels “Decoder”
86 Kathleen Edwards “Chameleon Comedian”
85 Michael Rault “Fall In Love With Every Girl I See”
84 Ivy Mairi “Something Of Love”
83 Skydiggers “Fire Engine (Red Explosion)”
82 Masia One “Alright OK!”
81 No Sinner “Boo Hoo Hoo”
80 Humans “De Ciel”
79 The Weeknd “Same Old Song”
78 Dirty Ghosts “Ropes That Way”
77 Julie Doiron “Our Love”
76 Fanny Bloom “Annie”
75 Metric “The Void”
74 Whitehorse “Achilles’ Desire”
73 Grimes “Vowels = Space and Time”
72 Gold & Youth “Time To Kill”
71 Japandroids “Evil’s Sway”
70 Krief “Perfect Bodies”
69 Bidiniband “I Wanna Go To Yemen”
68 Moonface “Yesterday’s Fire”
67 Great Lake Swimmers “New Wild Everywhere”
66 Daphni “Ye Ye”
65 Wordburglar “Rhyme O’Clock (ft More Or Les)”
64 Octoberman “Dressed Up”
63 Camouflage Knights “(It Could Be) Love”
62 Dusted “Cut Them Free”
61 Dan Mangan “When want to be pleasantly surprised…”
60 Great Bloomers “I Wanna Die Young”
59 Hey Rosetta! “Carry Me Home”
58 D-Sisive “To The Moon (feat Motem)”
57 Lioness “The Night”
56 Aidan Knight “A Mirror”
55 Hey Ocean “Big Blue Wave”
54 Rococode “Empire”
53 Matt Mays “Take It On Faith”
52 Loon Choir “All Boats Don’t Rise”
51 The Wooden Sky “Child Of the Valley”
50 Jeremy Fisher “On My Mind”
49 Bend Sinister “One Shot”
48 Jenn Grant “In The Belly of A Dragon”
47 Shout Out Out Out Out “Never The Same Way Twice”
46 Danny Michel “What Colour Are You?”
45 Eight & A Half “Go Ego”
44 Elliott Brood “Hold You”
43 Yukon Blonde “Stairway”
42 Metz “Headache”
41 Cuff The Duke “Side By Side”
40 Half Moon Run “Full Circle”
39 The Elwins “Come On Out”
38 Trust “Sulk”
37 Bry Webb “Rivers Of Gold”
36 Young Rival “Black is Good”
35 Boxer The Horse “Sentimental/Oriental” 
34 Jason Collett “I Wanna Rob A Bank”
33 Brasstronaut “Mean Sun”
32 Corb Lund “Gettin’ Down On The Mountain”
31 Ladyhawk “You Read My Mind”
30 Hannah Georges “Enemies”
29 Cookie Duster “Something Evil Again”
28 Snowblink “Unsurfed Waves”
27 Said The Whale “Heavy Ceiling”
26 Islands “This Is Not A Song”
25 Cold Specks “When The City Limits Dim”
24 Mother Mother “Let’s Fall In Love”
23 John K Samson “When I Write My Master’s Thesis”
22 Zeus “Anything You Want Dear”
21 A.C. Newman “I’m Not Talking”
20 Kid Koala “2 Bit Blues”
19 PS I Love You “Sentimental Dishes”
18 Joel Plaskett “North Star”
17 Plants & Animals “Lightshow”
16 Purity Ring “Fineshrine”
15 Luke Lalonde “Undone”
14 The Luyas “Fifty Fifty”
13 Bahamas “Caught Me Thinking”
12 Crystal Castles “Wrath of God”
11 Rah Rah “Art & A Wife”
10 Wintersleep “In Came The Flood”
9 Diamond Rings “I’m Just Me”
8 Great Lake Swimmers “Easy Come Easy Go”
7 Cadence Weapon “Conditioning”
6 Patrick Watson “Step Out For A While”
5 Kathleen Edwards “Change The Sheets”
4 Stars “The Theory Of Relativity”
3 Japandroids “The House That Heaven Built”
2 Metric “Youth Without Youth”
1 Grimes “Oblivion”