The Who: ‘I shall stay home and pick nuts out of me cavities’ – a special Christmas interview from the vaults

It’s Christmas, so no excuse is needed to enjoy this classic Keith Altham interview with the Who, which first appeared in NME in December 1966, as archived in Rock’s Backpages – the world’s leading archive of vintage music journalism.

From The Guardian:

Who’s for a merry Christmas, then – if we are to judge by their seasonal bounce up into the NME top 20 this week with Happy Jack, the newest composition from the bizarre pen of Pete Townshend.

Looking slightly the worse for wear, due to having been full of the festive “spirit” the previous night at London’s new in-club the Bag O’ Nails, John Entwistle was not optimistic about their prospects of a No 1 hit when I located the group at Ryemuse recording studios last Friday.

“No chance with the Seekers’ new single,” expostulated John. “We’re always beaten to the top by the dead or the half-dead. Good old Jim Reeves did it on us last time, and before that it was the singing pimple, Ken Dodd!”

Mr Entwistle was not, apparently, convinced that this is the season of goodwill toward all men!

“I’ve got a list of people to insult written down on me sock,” obliged the bug-eyed Keith Moon, rolling up his trouser-leg to select a likely candidate. He was forestalled by being recalled to the studio to tape Please Don’t Touch for tonight’s Ready, Steady, Go! Christmas edition.

What were they doing over Christmas?

“I shall buy a copy of Mary’s Boy Child, stay home and pick nuts out of me cavities,” mourned John.

“I shall watch Walt Disney and buy a, new copy of the Hallelujah Chorus,” breezed Mr Moon.

“My copy’s a bit scratched,” nodded John.

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