Catarina Migliorini: Still A Virgin, But Now A Playmate?

From The Huffington Post:

Two months ago, Catarina Migliorini was auctioning off her virginity to help impoverished children.

Now, she’s selling nude pictures to Playboy, and there’s no further talk that she’s doing it for charity.

Migliorini, the 20-year-old Brazilian woman who allegedly auctioned off her virginity online for $780,000, has parlayed her notoriety into a photo spread for Playboy, according to the Brazilian news website

That deal hasn’t been consummated, according to Frank Thorne. Thorne is a spokesman for Justin Sisely, the Australian filmmaker who masterminded the “cherry popping heard around the world” for a proposed documentary, said that the planned deflowering hasn’t taken place.

“Things changed a lot as the documentary progressed. Other things are still in the works,” Thorne told The Huffington Post. “For now, the project is on hold and as everyone is now closing down for Christmas, we are in limbo until the New Year. Can’t say anything more at the moment, but there is nothing to report at the moment.”

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