Personal Revolution: An Interview with Ziggy Marley

From PopMatters:

Ziggy Marley is the living, breathing epitome of an approach centered around making the brightest, happiest music in the world sound as sad as a Sunday in the middle of winter.

During a recent phone interview from Los Angeles, Marley, 44, touched on everything from his new live album, Ziggy Marley In Concert (out digitally on December 18 and in stores January 15), to the possibility of reuniting the original Melody Makers lineup, to exactly how important it is for him to be involved with charitable causes all around the world.

So, what about his own music and his own art? Is there hope that he may one day reunite his Melody Makers with brother Stephen and sisters Sharon, Cedella, and Erica?

“There is a chance,” he said skeptically, “but we don’t know.”

OK, then. How about his next non-live record with all-new material?

“I’m in the studio now,” he noted faintly, “but it takes patience. It all has to come together right. It can’t be something forced.”

Any thoughts on the influence and legacy of his iconic father within his own work?

“It’s not a name,” he said tersely when asked about preserving the Marley brand. “It’s life. It’s action. This is how we think. Nothing can make me change.”

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