10 Google search tricks you might not know

From Mashable:

It’s no secret Google is so popular it’s become a verb. And you likely use the search engine every single day (maybe more times than one). But even the most dedicated Google users might not know all the ins and outs of Google’s search mechanics. Mashable has shared ten Google search tricks you might not know about. See three below:

Looking up public data. Google has an entire directory of public data, which you can also access to look up trends. Type keywords such as “population” or “unemployment,” followed by a state or county.

Tracking a package. If you have the tracking number for a FedEx, UPS or USPS package, type it into the search box and Google will provide you with quick updates on your package’s status.

Watching a sunrise whenever you want. If you type “sunrise” or “sunset” followed by the name of the city, Google’s built-in feature counts down to the next occurrence.

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