Foursquare To Start Using Full Names, Sharing More Of Your Data With Venues From January 28, According To New Privacy Policy

From Techcrunch:

Foursquare — which this year passed its three-billionth check-in, added 15 million more users to its network, and in October kicked off a new chapter as a stronger competitor to Yelp with more local information and reviews — is now updating its privacy policy to keep up. It has been sending out an email to its users informing them that as of January 28, it will add in two new items that will reveal more user data than before: the use of full names and the ability for businesses to access longer data logs for individuals.

And, perhaps taking a cue from all the drama around Instagram and Facebook’s recent changes to their terms of service, the location-based social information app did two other things: it picked the Saturday evening between Christmas and New Years (when we’re all still full of good cheer) to tell users about the changes (mine came into my inbox at 4.37AM London time, although Phandroid seems to have noticed it earlier); and Foursquare is pointing users and updated version of its simplified explanation of its terms — called Privacy 101 – to make it more accessible.

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