Instagram Loses Millions of Users. Will They Return?

From Billboard:

If your label or band uses the photo-sharing app Instagram, your photos aren’t being seen by as many people this week. The larger question is whether or not they’re coming back.

Instagram has lost nearly a quarter of its daily users in a possible customer backlash due to a change in the company’s terms of service: Its daily active users were 16.4 million two days after the change in terms of service were announced on December 17, according to stats available at AppData, and had fallen to 15.1 million on December 24 before stabilizing at 12.4-12.5 million since December 25.

A drop in daily usage on or around Christmas can be seen at other apps such as Farmville, Candy Crush Saga and Spotify. But AppData tells the New York Post, which first reported Instagram’s traffic drop, that it is “pretty sure” the decline is due to Instagram’s change to its terms of service on December 17. AppData tracks app usage with a Facebook login, so it is good for tracking trends, although its numbers are not completely accurate.

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