Why did BlackBerry blacklist the ‘Pooh’ gang?

From NetworkWorld:

A report surfaced earlier this week contending that BlackBerry OS 10 will include a list of 106 prohibited passwords designed to prevent the clueless from choosing the likes of 123456, blackberry, or the ever-popular “password” as their password.

However, a RIM spokesman told me today that the list actually applies to BlackBerry ID universally, not only the upcoming operating system, and “has been active for some time now.”

What he wasn’t able to clarify, though, was why the BlackBerry blacklist enforces such a brutally disproportionate prohibition against names found on the character list of “Winnie the Pooh.” Fully five of the no-can-do 106 — tigger, rabbit, eeyore, piglet and poohbear – are plucked from the pages of the children’s classic.

Yes, the blacklist is heavy on cartoon and fictional characters, in general: mickey, donald, barney, batman, gandalf, george and snoopy are also not allowed.

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