Wolverine Meets Freddie Mercury?

From CBC:

In the long history of comic books, there have been lots of unlikely meetings between characters, often in the pages of official publications: Batman and Captain America crossing the Marvel/DC divide back in 1996; the crew of the Starship Enterprise encountering the X-Men; and of course, Archie meeting the Punisher. But here’s one that never actually came to pass, yet seems even less likely than any of those. If this would-be comic book artist had his way, Wolverine would have run into Queen’s Freddie Mercury in the forest back in the 1990s.

Steve Bunche, who used to work in the Marvel bullpen, received this submission from an unknown hopeful all those years ago. According to Bunche, “while this guy would never have gotten work in a professional comic as a penciller, I have to admire his talent for creating an instant classic of a non sequitur”. As for why the hardened X-Man might stumble across a deceased musical icon in the forest – or spell his name wrong in a speech bubble – no explanation was provided by the artist.

Check out the original submission below:

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