In the blotters: Naked shopping, bad driving and beverage stealing

From The Herald:

Here’s a roundup of some of the funnier police blotter bits from around the county over the past few weeks. Most identifying details are removed.

Arlington: While taking her DOL driving test a 16-year-old female failed to put the vehicle into drive and backed into a fence.

Arlington: Police were called to a domestic dispute between a boyfriend and girlfriend. She went to the store and did not come home. Turns out she went to the casino for a couple of hours.

Everett: An employee calls 911 after telling a female, who has stolen from her store before, to leave. The female walks to the coolers and takes a cold beverage before leaving without paying. Based on information provided by the employee, officers easily find the female who is still holding the cold beverage. Immediately, the female throws the drink down and states, “I didn’t steal anything!” Officers detain the female and the employee positively identifies her as the thief. The female is arrested, given a trespass warning to stay away from the business and is booked into the county jail.

Everett: Night shift officers respond to a business on the report of a male and female prowling the back of a tractor trailer. The area is marked “No Trespassing.” Officers contact the male but the female flees. There is no damage or entry made to the trailer. Early in the morning, officers again respond to the business on the report of a female climbing on top of the 53-foot trailer. Officers contact the female who states she is looking for her lost German shepherd. After further investigation, the female states she thought there was a concert on top of the trailer. There is no damage or entry made to the trailer. Officers arrest and book the female into county jail for trespass.

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