Judd Apatow On Why His Characters Always Argue About Bands

From Pitchfork:

Pitchfork: Your work frequently features characters disagreeing about musical taste, from the Steely Dan argument in Knocked Up, to Nick and Ken squaring off about disco on “Freaks and Geeks”, to the Pixies vs. A-Ha argument that Debbie and Pete have in This Is 40. Why is that something you always return to?

Judd Apatow: There’s nothing more fun than debating and defending your taste in music. It would feel wrong for that not to exist in my writing. The funny thing is, regardless of what the characters are debating, I usually like the music in question– they’re only talking about it because I like it. I love Coldplay. I love Steely Dan– Steely Dan’s probably one of my top three bands of all time. [In Knocked Up], I thought it was funny that this stoner who just listens to Wu-Tang Clan would hate Steely Dan. As far as Debbie and Pete’s debate about the Pixies– I was right upfront at the first Pixies show when they got back together, and [Pixies guitarist] Joey Santiago scored “Undeclared”. It’s funny when people debate about music, because they get so passionate about what they enjoy. But I’ll listen to A-Ha and enjoy it as much as Paul Westerberg.

Pitchfork: When’s the last time you got into an argument about music with someone, and what was the argument about?

JA: I fight with Leslie every day about music. Every time we turn on the radio, we get into a fight about what to listen to. A song will come on, I’ll start singing along, and she goes, “That song’s terrible. I knew you would start singing along to it.” [laughs]

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