Meat Loaf tribute act loses his wife and home but not his van after being sued by the real Meat Loaf. But then again, ‘Two Out Of Three Ain’t Bad’

From The Sun:

A Meat Loaf impersonator is at rock bottom after the real singer sued him and won £18,000.

Skint Dean Torkington, 51, lives in his van after losing his living, his wife and then his home.

He also dropped 12st — and no longer looks like his portly former hero. Dean said: “Meat Loaf has ruined my life. I once idolised him, but now I hate him.”

The US rocker, 65, first vented his fury at Dean, of Burnley, Lancs, at a gig in Liverpool in 2006.

Dean said: “I paid for VIP tickets for me and my then wife to see him. We drove there in my van and I wore my costume for the show. As soon as the gig was over a member of his staff told me that Meat Loaf wanted to see me backstage — I couldn’t believe it.

“But when I got there, he went crazy. He’d seen my van and said he wanted it sprayed, that I couldn’t do my act anymore and that he wanted the website. I was just stunned.”

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