Morrissey on music, his ‘very athletic’ youth

From ESPN:

Steven Patrick Morrissey has always been a little of an international man of mystery. And whether it is the meaning of his lyrics or hints about his favorite sport, fans seem all the more curious to dig deeper into his music.

Besides the headstrong mind, inimitable baritone voice and his contemplative, literary lyrical style, there’s plenty about Morrissey that fans never knew.

Morrissey, seen here in a West Ham shirt, isn’t about to align himself with one particular soccer club.
“I was, perhaps oddly, very athletic when I was young,” Morrissey said about his days as a lad and accidental young footballer. Evidently, the thrill of sports had an effect on the budding Manchester musician.

“I was forced onto several [football — meaning soccer] teams and track events and so forth. And the impression,” Morrissey said, “was indelible. The high drama, the stakes, the exhilaration of giving all that was left of you physically. I saw it all with a poet’s eye, though.”

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