Need Music For Every Hour, Mood, Activity? iHeartRadio Helps Plan Your Day With Cool New Service

From Yahoo:

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could actually program your “musical day”—so you’re all set to go with a soundtrack that will motivate and enhance whatever it is you’re about to do, as you do it?

Never fear- iHeartRadio is already on the case. The popular digital radio service unveiled a new update on Monday called “Perfect For”– which will allow music lovers to search for tunes that are, as the name suggests, just right for whatever they’re up to at the moment.

Just select the new “Perfect For” tab on the latest version of iHeartRadio, and based on the time of day, a menu of options will show up—for example, a morning menu might include waking up, commuting, running, or even keeping that party from last night goin’. Afternoon and evening menus will differ accordingly. Once an activity is selected, several genres and themes are offered, along with curated suggestions culled from thousands of different stations.

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