Dave Navarro has bared all for new PETA ad

From Starpulse:

Rocker Dave Navarro has bared all for a new PETA ad that sends out a message about animal cruelty in the cosmetics industry.

The Jane’s Addiction guitarist is often seen wearing plenty of eye makeup, nail polish and more, and he recently learned that some beauty product firms use cruel animal testing to determine if their products are safe for human use; so he decided to only use products that aren’t tested on animals.

“I defy anyone to watch this stuff and explain to me why it’s okay,” says Navarro in his behind-the-scenes video from his photo shoot.

“I like the extreme, I like shock value, I like things that slap people in the face and wake ’em up…” he says; “I was on the set of… some project where I was using makeup and someone mentioned that it was ‘cruelty-free’ and I said, ‘well, what does that mean?'”

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