Psychologist: The Most Depressing Day Of 2013 Is Coming

From Business Insider:

January, even at its best, has few redeeming features. It is a month known for empty bank accounts, tight waistbands, winter vomiting bugs, failed detox regimes and cravings for things we’re trying to give up.

But the slow ebb into 2013 seems worse than ever. “Because of the dates on which Christmas has fallen, most people – other than retailers – had 10 to 12 days off work,” explains Cary Cooper, professor of organisational psychology and health at Lancaster University.

Prof Cooper has even come up with a name for this week’s gloominess: acute post-bank holiday depression syndrome. “Trying to crank yourself up for work after a holiday – especially one where you’ve been enjoying time with your family, not really doing anything – is difficult,” he says. “It seemed that people were working really hard in the weeks leading up to Christmas, and they really did need a break. So it’s no surprise that we feel miserable when that break comes to an end.”

While this week might seem like a worthy contender, this year’s official “Blue Monday” falls on January 21. The science might be dubious, but for those of us already feeling disheartened it’s yet another blow to hear that things won’t look up for another two weeks.

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