Amanda Palmer takes on online bullying

From MTV:

Social media expert/musician Amanda Palmer recently put up a post on her blog that has raked in 1,000-plus comments — all dealing with the experience of being hated in the online sphere. According to the post, she’s hoping to compile a guide detailing how to deal with digital vitriol — and it looks like, as usual, she’s getting a lot of help from her fans.

The above chain of events — along with an ill-advised Google search — was what led to Palmer’s recent post. “i did something, and i don’t know exactly what possessed me to do it, but i did it,” Palmer writes. “i typed ‘hate a…’ into google. i was going to type ‘hate amanda palmer’ into the rest of the field to see what came up, but google auto-filled for me. it auto-filled ‘amanda todd.’”

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