Do TV Show Music Placements Lead To Greater Artist Awareness?

From Hypebot:

You’ve just tuned in to your favorite television show, be it Gossip Girls, Grey’s Anatomy, or Glee, and are enthralled by familiar characters and gripping plot, but how often do you take note of the songs that score these scenes?

In the right instance, television syncs can serve as an incredible opportunity. Beyond the obvious benefits in terms of additional income and branding opportunities for an artist, in a single spin on a popular show, new music that may not have had much far-reaching exposure is suddenly impressed upon a massive audience. If you are part of or managing an emerging act, you might wonder which shows are the best venues for featuring new music. Combining data from Tunefind, a crowd-sourced website that tracks television spins, with Next Big Sound artist data, we took a closer look at which shows are more likely to play music from relatively unknown bands, and in turn are most likely to result in a greater return.

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