Johnny Marr on the Smiths, Morrissey and putting politics back in pop

From The Guardian:

During the December 2010 debate over the raising of student tuition fees in the House of Commons, Labour MP Kerry McCarthy asked a rather surreal question of prime minister David Cameron, who had just gone public with his rather unlikely fandom of leftwing, anti-Conservative, seminal Manchester indie band the Smiths.

“As the Smiths are the archetypal student band, if he wins tomorrow night’s vote, what songs does he think students will be listening to?” asked the member for Bristol East, to roars from the opposition benches. “Miserable Lie, I Don’t Owe You Anything or Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now?”

Cameron, improbably, responded in kind. “I expect that if I turned up I probably wouldn’t get This Charming Man,” he quipped, “and if I went with the foreign secretary [William Hague] it would probably be William, It Was Really Nothing.”

“You do wonder,” comments Johnny Marr, drily. “What part of the Smiths ethos did he not get?”

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