Can the creation of music be crowdsourced? Ericsson and DJ Avicii think it can

From Gigaom:

New internet and social networking tools have let us to crowdsource our work, our code, the curation of news and even our investments. So why don’t we crowdsource the next hit song? Swedish DJ and producer Avicii and mobile networking giant Ericsson think that the creation of music can be turned over, in part, to the masses. They’re launching a project at CES 2013 in which producers and Avicii fans around the world can collaborate to make the producer’s next single.

The project is called Avicii x You, and on its website, you can listen to and download the basic chord progression for the song’s planned melody. Starting on Wednesday, the site will begin accepting submissions (the process is still a bit vague) for audio samples of a fully developed melody using the chord layout, pitch and key Avicii has indicated. Over the next two months, the site will begin accepting submissions for the song’s bassline, effects, rhythms and vocals. The finished single will be released as a single on Feb. 26, coinciding with the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

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