CES keynote: Young people are ‘born mobile’

From CNN:

Mobile technology is no longer limited to laptops, smartphones and tablets. It’s seeping into every corner of our lives, including television and movies, cars, the workplace, health care, education and eventually our bodies.

This expansion of mobile, and its next generation of highly mobile tech users, were the subject of Monday’s Consumer Electronics Show keynote. Delivered by chip maker Qualcomm’s chief executive Paul Jacobs, the talk marked the official kickoff of the show, which opens its doors Tuesday morning.

The CES keynote address was previously handled by Microsoft, a company whose products are instantly familiar to consumers around the world. Successor Qualcomm isn’t a household name, even though it says it has shipped 11 billion chips in its 27 years and its mobile processors power the mobile devices you use everyday.

The primarily mobile phenomenon is international. According to Jacobs, 84% of people worldwide say they can’t go a day without their mobile device. The smartphone interface is so commonplace, people now want it on their other devices. The Android mobile operating system is already expanding beyond smartphones and tablets to smart TVs, cameras and Google’s Project Glass smart glasses.

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