This classical music was created by a supercomputer in less than a second

From io9:

The composition being performed in this video is entitled “Nasciturus”, and it’s one of the many pieces of contemporary classical music created by Iamus — who just so happens to be a computer cluster housed in Spain’s University of Málaga.

This piece, along with the other nine compositions that make up the computer’s self-titled debut album, was produced with absolutely zero human input beyond the initial programming. “Nasciturus” is an example of what’s known as evolutionary music, in which the computer starts with a small initial input and then uses a complex algorithm to “evolve” the piece into a full-fledged composition, adapting and increasing the complexity of the input to best fit the aesthetic criteria provided. It takes less than a second for Iamus to complete this process, though it does drag its heels a bit by taking another eight minutes to translate the music into formats that humans can read and understand.

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