The New Myspace Opens, Hoping A Justin Timberlake Single Can Help It Fly

From Techcrunch:

New Myspace made its debut back in September, but the redesign has only been available to limited beta participants before now. Today, the next-generation version of the site is open to all, with registration possible using either your existing Myspace account, Facebook credentials or signing up as a brand new user. The launch came quietly, timed with a new Justin Timberlake single.

Or is the song an ad for the social network? It’s confusing. All I know is that there’s a big, splashy Justin Timberlake image on the new Myspace and a link to the track in iTunes, and that the single has prominence over even the join/sign-in buttons on the new Myspace homepage. Do you find out anything anything about Myspace when visiting the site for the first time? No. But you do know that Justin’s new single features Jay-Z, and to access it you should sign in to or join the social network.

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