Twitter Has Ruined the Art of the Musician Feud

From Village Voice:

Remember when musician fights used to be interesting–or at least memorable for more than two minutes? It’s hard to imagine as we expend Twitter scrolling energy on Azealia Banks v. Angel Haze, Gaga vs. the Osbournes, Deadmau5 vs. Madonna, and the rest of the noise. Yet unbelievably, there was a time when music beef lived on in legend for decades.They were catfights with mystique, gravity, anticipation–even violence.

One of the many casualties of the TMI twitter/reality show epoch is the quality of artist rivalries/feuds. These days, infighting is sparked by some ridiculous public bullshit, which is then exacerbated by…even more bullshit. Musicians act on impulse before their managers can shush them, and we get the pleasure of discovering over and over again that the artists we love are classless 9th graders.

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