Midge Ure gets it right when it comes to the music industry

From The Toronto Star:

“Fiscally it has to work,” says Midge Ure. “Promoters who’d like to have (Ultravox) come over are not prepared to go the extra yard and pay for the whole thing. So it’s a lot easier for me to come over and put a band together to do a few shows (on this current tour). I hate to talk about this. But I understand how it is. These days touring doesn’t sell records like the old days. It’s understandable that promoters are a little resistant.

“The rock industry has changed beyond all recognition. You can’t go into it for all the trimmings, for all the glory. It has to be, ‘do you really want to do this?’ You have to remember that when you started out you didn’t have a record company. There has to be something in you to drive you.”

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