U2 are recording songs for 13th studio LP, provisionally titled 10 Reasons to Exist

From The Guardian:

U2 are at work on their 13th studio LP. After years of stops and starts, the band are “in fine fettle”, Bono said, recording songs under the tentative album title 10 Reasons to Exist.

“[U2] are mad for it at the moment and really want to make a new record,” Bono said in an interview with the Sun.

At the end of 2011 the band apparently spent three months in the studio, halting only when Bono caught the flu. The album’s working title, one of six being mooted by the group, is an allusion to the factors that hold U2 together after 36 years of making music.

“[We] don’t care if it takes 10 years,” Bono explained to the Sun. “[We] don’t care if it never happens again – [we] just want to get it right.”

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