Want a fake Facebook girlfriend? Here’s how to get one.

From CNET:

Being a singleton doesn’t look good. It makes you look like the spare part that no one desires.

Thankfully, a group of very caring Brazilians has decided to come to the rescue of all of those who currently appear denuded of love on Facebook. They will create a fake Facebook girlfriend for you.

NamoroFake.com says, in Portuguese, that it can create a lissom lover in the blink of an eye and the passing of $39.99. Yes, around the price of two lapdances.

Please don’t think that they just slap up a picture and take your money. Oh, no. They create a whole fake Facebook profile, so authentic that it’s adorned with cute comments and status updates like: “Oh, cutey, Ren and Stimpy miss you and so do I.”

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